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In terms of price, platinum’s density allows for more minute manipulation of the metal without breaking, therefore raising platinum’s price to nearly twice the price of palladium per ounce. Industrial Uses. Both platinum and palladium are used in automotive catalytic converters, electrodes in medical equipment, and in fine jewelry.


One of the world's rarest metals, palladium makes for a special wedding band that's high in quality and, relatively speaking, lower in price than other high-quality metals. With the increase in the price of gold and platinum, palladium is one of the best choices for those with a lower budget who don't want to sacrifice quality or beauty.


Palladium vs Platinum Rings Pros: Palladium is slightly harder than platinum on the Mohs scale and is slightly more scratch resistant than platinum. Compared to platinum, palladium jewelry is generally less expensive (about 0.6-0.8 times) and more in line with the cost of gold jewelry.


Palladium vs Platinum Durability Palladium vs Platinum Hardndess (and scratching) Palladium is a harder metal than platinum, which means a palladium ring is harder to scratch compared to a platinum ring. Regardless, like any engagement ring, both rings are still going to get scratched so this shouldn’t be a deciding factor.


Divergence in prices for platinum and palladium. As a result of a favorable outlook, palladium prices have vastly outperformed platinum. While platinum used to command a much higher price than ...


Gold vs. Silver vs. Platinum vs. Palladium. Historically, precious metals have always performed well during economic uncertainty. Irrespective of whether it is gold, silver, platinum or palladium, they all have intrinsic values, they carry no credit risk and they're not subject to inflation.


The decline in demand and negative outlook for diesel cars has pushed down the platinum price, and will continue to do so. On the flipside, manufacturers are stocking up on palladium for the higher demand for petrol cars. So much so that we’ve seen close to doubling in the price of palladium in the past 24 months.


The Palladium-Platinum prices ratio could also be off because supply for one has become scarcer due to mining issues or production. Where can I see Palladium and Platinum prices today? APMEX is a great resource for those who need up-to-the-moment Palladium and Platinum prices.


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Palladium Spot Price & Palladium Price Information. Although not common historically, palladium prices have recently climbed higher than both platinum and even gold in terms of fiat US dollar prices ongoing.