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Pakistan shares its borders with four neighboring countries – People's Republic of China, Afghanistan, India, and Iran while Tajikistan is separated by thin Wakhan Corridor– adding up to about 6,975 km (4,334.1 mi) in length (excluding the coastal areas).


Pakistan lies in one of the most strategic geographical position in the world . It has borders with 4 countries out of which, 2 are nuclear powers i.e., India and China.. * In the north , Pakistan has a 2313 km long border line with India in the E...


Geographical location of Pakistan is very important and almost all of its Neighbour Countries are very important which also effects Pakistan greatly. Here are the Neighbour Countries of Pakistan with whom it shares border. Afghanistan: it is located in west of Pakistan and shares a very large border with it.


Pakistan has a strategic geo-political location at the corridor of world major maritime oil supply lines, and has close proximity to the resource and oil rich central Asian countries. Pakistan has been maintaining a tensed relationship with neighbouring Republic of India and close relationships with People's Republic of China and Arab nations.


Pakistan is a south asian country.Having Four Neighbouring countries. 1.India. 2.China 3.Afghanistan. 4.Iran And also with Arabian Sea. Tajikistan is also a neighbors shown with map.


Let's have a look at the neighbouring countries of India: Pakistan - India and Pakistan, two independent countries born when the Indian subcontinent got freedom from British rule. Two countries ...


Pakistan's Relations with Neighboring Countries 1. Socio-economic associations and contemporary issues. 2. INTRODUCTION The objective of our presentation and introduction of topic 3. • Pakistan is bordered by 4 important countries on all sides. • China in the north. • India in the north-east. • Iran in the west.


Name the neighboring, countries of Pakistan. Commercial Geography (Important Questions) I.Com Part 2 Leave a comment 34,454 Views. Name the neighboring, countries of Pakistan. Pakistan is bordered by India to the east, Iran and Afghanistan to the west and China in the north. To the south is the Arabian Sea.


The relationship between Pakistan and India is of the neighboring countries. Not as good as we would have liked. The secession of Bangladesh was brought about by their own deeds.


Map of India and Pakistan showing location of india and pakistan, india pakistan borders, areas and boundary maps of India Pakistan. Home » Neighbouring Countries Maps » India Pakistan Map About ...