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Well the best way is to always consult some firm / company experienced in such type of painting. Painting is not a simple job for a carbon fiber and depends on what type of protection or what purpose you are trying to achieve from painting.


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Carbon fiber hoods can be painted. However, they must be wet sanded to remove any gelcoat or clearcoat, and covered with three to five coats of car paint primer so that the paint sticks.


Carbon hood was faded, so we color matched to the car.


Hey guys I need some advice. I just received my VIS M3 style CF Hood, and my bodyman said its one of the most beautiful and perfect carbon fiber hoods he ever had come through the shop. He doesnt want to paint it, because its so nice! I had all the while planned to paint the hood, because my car was keyed and I'm repainting the whole car and putting on a M-tec back bumper as well.


Recommended Procedure For How to Prepare and Paint Carbon Fiber and Composite Parts FRP Techniques Figure 1. A primered composite tailbase with a carbon fiber top wing element. Figure 1. A typical carbon fiber wing and composite tailbase ready for installation. Figure 2. The first step, as outlined in all of the FRP TECHNIQUE


It looks at the various materials used for custom hoods (polyurethane, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber) and discusses paint preparation challenges involved with each type. For some of them, practice and experience are generally required to get positive results.


How to paint carbon fibre with spray cans Brad Angove ... This video shows a method for painting something to look like carbon fibre using only a couple of spray cans and a section of shelf liner ...


Carbon fiber cloth is more expensive than stock fiberglass cloth. However, the cost of making carbon fiber sheets is far less expensive than buying them already made. Use carbon fiber cloth, epoxy resin and a few fiberglass techniques to make professional quality carbon fiber sheets at a substantial discount over professionally manufactured panels.


The guy at the paint shop would not touch my spoiler because he was afraid to hurt the carbon fiber. When I brought the spoiler back to the paint shop the guys looked at me with amazement they couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to strip the paint and gel coat without hurting the carbon fiber.