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Housing. A setup for a hatchling aquatic turtle (Snappy's setup on 2/12/03) from the side and above. Hatchling and baby turtles can be kept in aquariums or plastic tubs of various kinds.


A basking area, upon which the painted turtle can leave the water completely, complete with a good basking light to help it thermoregulate, is an absolute must. An underwater hiding place should be provided, as well, with care taken to ensure that the painted turtle cannot get trapped and drown.


Painted turtles are semi-aquatic pets, meaning they live both in the water and on land, explains Aquaworld Aquarium. If you are considering a baby painted turtle as a pet, remember that it will grow to as long as 10 inches, and you need to provide your turtle with a home with ample room to accommodate it as it gets bigger.


A hatchling's captive habitat should mimic that which it would have as an adult. The requirements are the same pertaining to lighting, heat, basking and water depth. Some keepers worry that their turtle might drown in a deep water aquarium and opt to give the hatchling a shallow habitat. That is completely inaccurate.


Taking care of a painted turtle is a big -- and possibly lifelong -- commitment. Not all states permit keeping painted turtles as pets. Before bringing a painted turtle home, check with your state's department of natural resources or the environment regarding state laws.


Western Painted Turtles. The Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli) is found from Canada and the northwestern United States south to Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona. This species is the largest painted turtle reaching 7-8 inches as adults.


How long does it take painted turtle eggs to hatch? Generally, it takes about 72 days for painted turtle eggs to hatch. The process generally continues from August to September. After hatching, the baby turtles go straight to the water by natural instinct. How long does it take box turtle eggs to hatch?


Painted turtles are small, hardy turtles that generally do well in captivity, although not all states allow them to be kept as pets. With the proper care, baby turtles, or hatchlings, can live for decades if they live in a suitable habitat and eat a good diet.


The care of painted turtles is similar to that of a pet fish in that they need a tank almost entirely filled with water but unlike a fish, they also need somewhere to dry dock. A large fish tank that will hold 100 gallons of water or more is necessary for a full grown painted turtle but some turtle owners will also use a kiddie pool, pond liner ...


The female painted turtle covers the eggs with dirt and returns to the water, her job done. The eggs hatch in 72 days, usually in late August through early September. The baby turtles instinctively head straight for the water. Late hatchers may stay in the nest until spring. The sex of the hatchlings is determined by nest temperature.