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The main difference is that yellow curbs indicate that a driver must stay with their car. It’s not always enforced … but better safe than sorry. New Jersey’s curb colors. While few states can match California’s wide range of colored curb options, you should still be on the lookout for painted curbs when you’re parking.


The white curbs are very common throughout the state, but there are many other colors you need to be aware of as well. If you see a green painted curb, you will be able to park there for a limited amount of time. With these curbs, you should usually see a sign posted next to the zone that will let you know what the time limit is to park there.


A white painted curb only means that added visibility of the curb was desired so that it would not be struck by traffic. There is no legal restriction in effect. A red painted curb is used to define the no parking zone at a fire hydrant. A yellow painted curb is used to define the limits of a no parking or restricted parking zone.


To apply for a new Color Curb Zone (Driveway Red Zones, Blue, Green, White or Yellow zones) please follow one of the corresponding links below. Please be aware that applications for Driveway Red All applications other than for Blue and Yellow Zones are reviewed or handled only after the application fees have been received.


Colored Curbs Defined. White: Stop only long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail. Commonly regulated to just three minutes, and driver must stay in the car. Green: Park for a limited time. Look for a sign next to the green zone or for the time painted on the curb.


Blue Curbs: Parking For People with Disabilities. Blue zones are parking spaces for people with a valid disabled parking permit. They are effective 24/7 except for street cleaning, tow-away zone restrictions, or when restricted by a special event or construction permit.


Curb Paint, Signs and School Pavement Legends. Curb paint and signs can be used individually or together to help convey a specific message to drivers. A painted curb means that you must follow special parking rules. Painted curbs are often located around a school to inform drivers where parking and stopping are allowed or prohibited.


What does the different color curbs (like red, yellow, green, blue and white) indicates? Peoples names are often different colors. What do each color represent ? What is the meaning of the different color curbs?


Explanations for the meanings of different colored curbs. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) develops, maintains, and operates a transportation system that promotes the mobility of people and goods, and enhances the quality of life, environment, and economy of Seattle.


Colored curb zones are painted to indicate parking prohibitions or restrictions. Additional regulations may be posted on signs and apply regardless of curb color. Red, White and Blue curb regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise indicated by a sign. Red Curbs. General regulation: no stopping, parking or standing