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Some ideas for small woodcraft projects include making a cutting board, art frame, crate table or pet bed. Constructing a birdhouse or a bottle carrier is also a good small project.


AllCrafts.net and Instructables.com are two websites that offer a selection of woodworking and wood craft projects for various skill levels. These projects range from simple boxes and birdhouses to home furnishings.


Examples of popular woodworking projects for the home include storage units and simple cabinets. Wall cabinets for DVDs and simple coat racks are also popular do-it-yourself projects.


Easy wood craft projects for teenagers include building a small step stool with just three pieces of cut wood and crafting a wooden spoon that has a long stem and rounded base. Teenagers can also craft a small wood birdhouse to learn the basics of woodworking.


Easy wood craft projects for beginners are a cutting board and a frame. Make the cutting board from untreated hard wood, such as oak. Using a circular saw, cut a simple design with straight edges, such as a pentagram.


The types of paint good for wood include water-based acrylic, latex and enamel paints. For best results, the person should prepare the wood surface well before painting. Unlike other materials, wood is porous, and that makes the paint soak in slightly.


To get paint off of wood, apply a chemical stripper, and scrape off the paint after it has softened. For areas with layers of paint, you may need to apply the remover and scrape it off several times. Be sure to follow all safety precautions.


Kids of all ages can use craft sticks to make fun decorative items and games, such as baskets, puzzles, paper lanterns, puppets and wreaths. The classic craft-stick basket is formed by laying sticks, end over end, in alternating rows. Young children can create simple square or triangle baskets to ho


When learning the craft of wood burning, use soft woods without a lot of grain; aspen and pine are two of the easiest woods to burn. Use 320-grit sandpaper to lightly tap the tip of the wood burner in order to remove residue. When changing tips on the wood burner, use pliers to take off hot tips and


To remove paint from wood, apply an infrared paint stripper, scrape off the paint, apply lacquer thinner, sand the wood, and wash it. This one-hour process requires gloves, a particle mask, an infrared paint stripper, lacquer thinner, rags, a scraper, a power washer and a multi-tool with a sanding a