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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Hoffman on pain under fingernail: There is little information here. Potential causes for armpit pain include inflamed lymph nodes, cysts, musculoskeletal injury, infection & nerve injury. However in some cases a cardiac event can have pain radiating to the axilla as one of the symptoms (which would ....


I also have that index finger pain under the nail. It is sharp and sometimes if I just bump my finger a little bit the pain feels like it shoots up my arm! The change in weather makes it worse (barometric pressure). I think it is a glomus tumor. Google that.


I am not a physucian; I can, however , share my experience. Several years ago, a small wart developed near the fingernail on my right index finger. I treated it successfully with over the counter remedies, which never quite eradicated it, reducing its size only. It migrated closer to the nail as time went on, and finally was mostly under the nail.


Thank God I'm not the only one. I've been experiencing this pain under my nail bed on my left thumb where the skin meets the nail. The little white 'moon' under the nail has become a bluish color - always now- but the pain is not continuous.


Fingernail pain is an unusual kind of discomfort which may or may not get noticed depending on how severe it is. If the pain is frequent or worsening, it is imperative that you rule out its causes.


I am experiencing a pretty weird symptom. At times I feel like there is extreme pressure under my fingernails, especially my thumbs. This is causing some substantial pain and it affects the feeling for how hard I am gripping something. When this happens I drop things a lot. I have never read anything on these boards


Pain in the fingertips can be caused by injuries to the hand and fingers (cuts, abrasions, fractures, or infections), and certain medical conditions. Most fingertip pain, felt as cramping, throbbing, or achiness, has no serious causes behind it.


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I have pain under my fingernail. It's the third time/finger this has happened. It hurts like and it's hot. Feels - Answered by a verified Health Professional


Understand your fingernail pain symptoms, including 2 causes & common questions. Understand your fingernail pain symptoms, including 2 causes & common questions. Employers Take quiz. ... Symptoms include sore, reddened, swollen skin around the nail, sometimes with pus collecting under the skin.