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Communities > Ovarian Cancer > Pain In Lower Right Side 3 Months after Ovary Removed. Aa. A. A. A. Close Ovarian Cancer Community 6.26k Members Pain In Lower Right Side 3 Months after Ovary Removed Crazycricket. I am so glad I found this site! ... I had an ovary and cyst removed. Still have my left ovary. Thanks! Lori Mary 53. I'm just curious ...


I had the cyst along with my left ovary removed completely surgically. Everything was fine after I recovered except every month around two weeks before my cycle I experience a pain on my right side in the same place as before the surgery.


Intense pain a year after ovary removal. stellar32. July 26th, 2010. I had my left ovary removed in July 2009. I had a large cyst growing that was entangled with my ovary. I've had intense pain ever since my surgery, moreso on than off. I have pain deep down where the ovary was. I have been on depo for years, so I shouldn't be ovulating.


Ovarian remnant syndrome (ORS) occurs if any ovarian tissue is left after surgery to remove both ovaries and fallopian tubes, called a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. The syndrome occurs if this ovarian tissue causes severe pelvic pain and/or a pelvic mass. The condition typically occurs because of the surgical technique used to remove the ...


Hi, This is my first post to this group. I had an ovarian cyst removal surgery 2 months ago. The cyst was of 6cm diameter and was attached to my left fallopian tube.Only the cyst was removed and the tube and ovary were left in tact. I was recovering well except i had some heavy flow and pain during the next 2 periods.


I had my left ovary and tube removed March 2010. I still have phantom ovary pain. But with the help of the acupucturist and having scar tissue worked by OT, PT and massage therapist, it's gotten way better. Now I only have phontom ovary pain with my mensural cycle. But that's getting less too.


Retention of ovary cells that continue to cause signs and symptoms, such as pelvic pain, in premenopausal women (ovarian remnant syndrome) Inability to get pregnant on your own, if both ovaries are removed; Risks of premature menopause. If you haven't undergone menopause, you will experience premature menopause if both ovaries are removed.


Pain medications such ibuprofen during periods is a sought after aid to pain in the left ovary area. In a severe case, GnRH agonists reduce estrogen and cut down the growth of endometriosis. It increases the chances of it causing infertility.


Pain in the ovaries can either be acute or chronic. Acute ovarian pain comes on quickly (over a few minutes or days) and goes away in a short period of time. ... the surgeon may also remove the ...


Hi all, has anyone experienced pain in the side where the ovary was after ovary removal? I came on my period a few days ago and today have had quite severe pain where the ovary was, my surgery was 3 weeks ago Tuesday, I am bleeding quite heavy for me too unsure if that's related though, can anyone relate and offer advice please?