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You experience severe pain when your hand is grasping or reaching or is in a fist position, or when you turn your wrist. When the tendons are irritated, it is difficult to move the wrist and thumb and swelling may occur. The pain and swelling are mostly located at the base of the thumb. 4. Skier’s Thumb


Pain and tenderness in your thumb; Stiffness in the thumb; Swelling at the base of the thumb with a bony bump; 4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This hand and arm condition may cause tingling, numbness, and other symptoms. Caused by a pinched or compressed nerve in your wrist, the condition first causes numbness but then causes pain between thumb and ...


Inability to fully flex the thumb; Locking in the bent position, requiring help from the other hand to straighten; Pain and stiffness when bending; Soreness at the base of the thumb; 2. De Quervain’s Tendinosis. When tendons at the base of the thumb become swollen or constricted, they may cause pain along the thumb side of the wrist. De ...


Thumb pain can be caused by problems in the soft tissues, the bones and the joints. The soft tissue problems tend to be on the palmar side of the joint. The bone pain is usually at the site of problem but sometimes is felt in one of the neighbouring joints.


Pain around the soft muscular rounded part at the base of the thumb is a symptom of thenar eminence pain. Tightness of thenar eminence. A nodule at the base of the thumb along the palmar surface. The thumb gets locked after flexing it can be a symptom of thenar eminence pain. Neurovascular compression. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 2


Inflammation of the tendon and its sheath, which is located along the thumb side of the wrist, can produce pain and swelling near the base of the thumb. This condition is known as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis (pronounced as: dih-kwer-VAINS ten-oh-sine-oh-VIE-tis) , which causes a lot of difficulties and pain while moving the thumb and the wrist.


UCL injury thumb symptoms include instability of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint at the base of the thumb, along with pain, swelling, weakness and a bruise-like discoloration in the vicinity of the tear. A bump may also form along the edge of the thumb near the palm of the hand.


The trapezium bone along with the base of the thumb joint forms what is called a carpometacarpal joint, also known as a CMC joint. Due to the location of the trapezium below the thumb joint, the trapezium plays a role in both the stability and the movement of the thumb.


One of those places is near the small hand joints causing a lump in palm of hand near ring finger. This condition will need a thorough blood work to make sure calcium is being properly processed by the body. Calcifications can be surgically removed if they are causing pain or limited movement. Symptoms. Pain, often close to the joint


The pain can be anywhere along the thumb, from the base of the thumb, near the wrist, to the end knuckle of the thumb, out by the thumb nail. Other signs of arthritis include a crunching or grinding sensation you feel when you move the thumb, or pain that gets worse in the mornings or when you pinch or twist things.