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The Demise Of Pacquins Hand Cream - Current Health Articles. Currenthealtharticles.net With this acquisition J & J also acquired the now precious Pacquins hand cream along with its other incarnations, Pacquins plus hand cream, Pacquins hand and body cream, Pacquin plus hand and body cream, Pacquins medicated hand cream. Well for one thing this might just be a rumor or if true, a way for J &...


My mom told me about about a hand and body cream called Pacquin. She is a retired nurse now, but many years ago her hands were so dry, cracked and bleeding from washing them so much. She tried everything and nothing worked. Another nurse told her about medicated Pacquin and she says it healed her hands overnight.


O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is a moisturizer that heals, relieves, and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands. Guaranteed relief or your money back. This app works best with JavaScript enabled.


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In 1961, they had bought Pacquin, Inc. – the makers of Pacquin Hand Creams and Lotions, Silk ’n Satin Lotion for the body and Mani Magic Cream Cuticle Remover – and followed this in 1962 with the purchase of the Barbasol Company – makers of men’s toiletries.


Pacquin's hand cream is the best. You can special order it from WalMart Pharmacy. Don't get the medicated or the aloe kind, get the original kind. It is fantastic. You'll love it! Also, if you have REALLY dry skin you can also order pure lanolin from WalMart Pharmacy. It is pricey but it is the most healing of anything.

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Deluxe Hand Packed ICE CREAM Anfon or Carnation ... PACQUINS ANTI DEODORANT Hand Cream Cre.''ed especially to soothe, smooth and so!t<>n hands. Me Sin STUART Formula liquid lit 13.IS ... "DERMA FRESH" Medicated Hand Cream with this purchase. 1 3.15 Vain - Both fir ool; [.


Look for it at closeout stores and wherever hand cream is sold. Retail price (if you can find it) is around $5 for the 8 ounce container, and it is selling on eBay for over $60 for an 8 ounce container! Here are a few recently completed listings for Pacquin hand and body cream. Pacquin Plus Hand & Body Cream Pacquin Plus LARGE 8oz New Ready to ship


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all hand creams are best but i do consider one branded lotion, ';nivea';. it's soft to use in hand and gentle too. you might want to try it out. I like to use strawberry body butter i love almost every cream containing aloe! aloe is great for skin and hair! Eucerine dermatologist recommended by Lubriderm or coco butter. Good luck! The best hand ...