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Production of Pacquin hand cream was discontinued by the manufacturer. The product is no longer available on store shelves but can be found for sale on sites such as Ebay.com.


Remedies for dry skin include petroleum jelly, natural oils, such as coconut or olive oil, and moisturizing lotions. Using a cool mist humidifier inside the home can also help prevent dry skin.


A popular foot cream for dry feet is Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme. This is a thick cream that absorbs quickly and does not leave the foot feeling greasy. Another good foot cream is Elemis, which is made with lemon oil and eucalyptus.


Skin creams can be purchased from in-store retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart, and from online retailers including Amazon and Drugstore.com. These venues carry skin creams for varying purposes.


Vitamin E and oatmeal are natural treatments for dry skin on a dog, states PetMD. Application of these treatments prevents irritation and reduces scratching. HowStuffWorks adds that dogs with dry skin should be bathed as little as possible with only a moisturizing shampoo made for dogs.


For homemade lotions for dry skin, About.com recommends a cinnamon swirl coffee scrub, a mango skin smoother and a papaya exfoliating mask. All of these skin care recipes can heal dry skin with ingredients that are typically found in the kitchen.


Remedies for extremely dry skin include cold milk, thick lotions, damp moisturizing, overnight oil treatments and methods for sealing problem areas, according to Prevention. Individuals should contact a dermatologist if home treatment fails.


A white discoloration of the skin may occur for several reasons, including eczema, superficial yeast infection and skin conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo, according to Mayo Clinic. Dry white spots can also be caused by infections, allergies and autoimmune disorders, notes Lee Kaplan, MD.


Dry skin can be easily treated at home using a variety of simple and inexpensive household items. Olive oil, coconut oil, milk, cornstarch and oatmeal all help to treat this condition


A good diet is the best way to treat dry skin in cats. Switching to higher-quality foods and supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids can help. However, many skin diseases and parasites have similar symptoms to dry skin; a veterinary examination can diagnose the cause of the dry skin and determine a c