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Used an old Holiday Inn lotion by this company, and can't find it for sale. It was good only needing a little compared to the other brands Jergen's I bought and the Harrah's sample. The Holiday Inn sample was from 99, so now I'll probably see what they're using now, it now occurs to me. The stuff was nice because an ounce lasted a long time and wasn't watery.

libarch.torranceca.gov/archivednewspapers/Herald/1944 Sept 14 - 1946 Jan 3/PDF...

Sale!—Women's Needs >0e CONTI SHAMPOO ..... 39c (I MAR-O-OIL SHAMPOO 47c TRUSHAY BEFOREHAND LOTION . 43c $1 PACQUIN HAND CREAM . . 79c 55c POND'S CREAM and lOc POND'S FACE POWDER BOTH 39c BARBARA LANE BUBBLE BATH, Mb. Jar 39c R.g. Baby 2Sc PowderCan . Absorbent Cotton. Sanitary Belt. 29' Sale!—Men's Needs


So far, the list of items includes, Drixoral - the only allergy med. that really worked for my son's allergies, Pacquin's hand cream - used by my mother ever since I was little, so I used it too and have had trouble finding a replacement that worked on my skin as well, Sensitive Eyes contact lens cleaner and solution for hard contact lenses ...


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From 1949 until its cancelation in 1971, the show ran on CBS every Sunday night from 8–9 p.m. E.T., and is one of the few entertainment shows to have run in the same weekly time slot on the same network for more than two decades. (During its first season, it ran from 9–10 p.m. E.T.) Virtually every type of entertainment appeared on the show; opera singers, popular artists, songwriters ...


Pond's Cream Cold or vanishing. $1.00 jars, Italian Balm Campana's. 60c size. Squibb's Dentat Milk of Magnesia Dental Cream. 97c 4 for Squibb's Mineral Oil OVALTINE The health food, $1 size. SOAPS 3 cakes Yardley's English Lavender Toilet Soap. Reg. $1.05 and 75c bottle of Lavender per- fume, Conti Castile Soap. Large bars. Regu- $1.19 lar $1 ...


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Brief digression: I can't believe how great drugstore skincare has gotten in the past few years. I mean, when I was a kid it was all 1006 Lotion and Pacquin Hand Cream and Jergen's Lotion, but now companies like Neutrogena, ROC, L'Oreal, and Oil of Olay are constantly coming out with truly ground-breaking products.


I used Pacquin's hand cream all my life. About 2-3 years ago - gone, done. Albuterol inhalers. Well, the asthmatics of the world are causing the hole in the ozone layer, so we have to change their inhalers to a different kind of system. Never mind that it is much more expensive and more importantly, doesn't work as well as the old kind.