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Like others said it’s called a ‘streak’ or an ‘ambush’. They do occur in the wild but quite rare… but mating pairs for a short period, mothers with their almost adult adolescent cubs can be called a “AMBUSH”. Some of the famous examples are The ti...


Tigers gradually venture off on their own, usually to find a new pack, or when they are kicked out of their pack, or to start a new pack. Tigers can go off on their own because their mother or ...


Tiger is the name of the male Panthera Tigris (commonly called Tigers). The female is called a Tigress. Her babies are called Cubs or Tiger Cubs or Whelp.


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All modern tigers are subspecies of Panthera tigris (for example, the Siberian tiger is technically known by the genus and species name Panthera tigris altaica).What most people refer to as the saber-toothed tiger was actually a species of prehistoric cat known as Smilodon fatalis, which was only distantly related to modern lions, tigers, and cheetahs.


शिवभक्त अनिकेतभाऊ घुले यांचा मावळ तालुक्यातील ऎतिहासीक शाही ...


A group of tigers: Though the tiger is a solitary animal, where a number of these cats occur together the correct name for the group is a 'streak' or an 'ambush' of tigers.The group shown at right would be referred to by these terms.


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