A pack of lions is a social group known as a pride. A pride typically consists of several females, two males and their related young, though they may expand to include up to 40 individuals. Lions are the only cat species... More »

Lions are carnivorous animals, and they eat a combination of carrion scavenged from other predators and prey that they hunt themselves. Lions typically prey upon the large hoofed mammals of the African grasslands, such a... More »

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A pack of zebras is called a "harem." Plains and mountain zebras often form harems consisting of one stallion and up to six mares with their young that stick together for years. Grevy's zebras may form herds of up to 30 ... More »

Fun facts about lions include that they are the second largest cat species, they live in a pride and lionesses are the best hunters. Lions live for about 12 years and they can run up to 50 mph. Lions have loud roars that... More »

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A group of mostly female lions is called a pride, and a group of male lions is called a coalition. The pride contains female lions and their young offspring, and usually has fewer than 20 members. A coalition of male lio... More »

Lions reproduce when a lioness in heat mates with a male from within her pride, conceives and goes off on her own to give birth. She cares for and protects the cubs on her own, and when they are 6 to 8 weeks old, she rej... More »

A lion's rough tongue is used for several purposes, including cleaning loose meat and gristle off of bones and also for grooming stubborn dirt and other muck out of theirs and their pride mates' fur. Lions are communal p... More »