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To become a notary in Pennsylvania, interested individuals must submit an application provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, submit the filing fee, and verify that they are familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a notary. Applicants must also provide proof that a notary public cour


Prepare for a notary public exam by studying the exam handbook, studying notary public laws and recent cases, studying possible scenarios and taking practice tests. A notary public is responsible for verifying signatures on legal documents, and most states require applicants to take a licensing exam


Websites such as NotraryClasses.com and NotariesUnlimited.com provide free practice California notary exams. NotaryClasses offers classes, Web seminars and home study texts for a fee but makes the practice exams available at no charge. HowToBecomeANotaryInNY.com and CommerceCreators.com offer practi


State government agencies offer practice exams in addition to licensing notary publics. Also, private test preparation services offer practice exams.


The most comprehensive way to study for the New York Notary Exam is by reviewing the statutes of New York's Notary Public License Law available through New York's Department of State. Several sites, including HowToBecomeANotaryInNY.com and Quizlet.com, offer free practice tests, flashcards and train


The National Notary Association features several true or false practice test questions on its website that might appear on a certification exam. One question asks whether a notary has permission to certify documents in all states. Copy certification is the topic of two questions. Notaries should kno


Most bank branches have a notary on duty some if not all of the time that they are open. These notaries authorize financial documents for bank employees, but they are also generally available to bank customers. However, there may be some restrictions placed on how they can be used.


A notary seal is an embossed seal or ink stamp affixed to a legal document by a notary public. The combination of the seal and the notary's signature serves as independent verification that the identify of the person signing the document has been verified and, in some cases, that an oath or affirmat


A notary acknowledgement is a legal declaration of a signature before a person with authority or a public official. The public official can be a mayor, a judge or a person in authority.


Mailbox stores such as Postal Annex and the UPS Store may offer notary services on Sundays. Notary hours of operation vary, so contacting local notaries for operating days and hours is the most reliable way to find a notary open on Sundays.