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Pennsylvania has a variety of traffic laws that drivers are required to follow on the roadways. However, in addition to the road rules, motorists must also make sure their vehicles are in compliance with the following windshield laws when driving on Pennsylvania roadways.


Pennsylvania cracked window laws or windshield obstruction regulations in certain cities or counties may be different from state legislation. While we do our very best to advise whether it is legal to drive with cracked windshield, we can not be held liable for any potentially incorrect or misinterpreted info.


However, in addition to the road rules, motorists must also make sure their vehicles are in compliance with the following windshield laws when driving on Pennsylvania roadways. Windshield requirements

www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/BMV/BMV Manuals/Pub_45 Inspections Regulations...

1 Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations • PUB 45 Subchapter A GENERAL PROVISIONS 175.1. Purpose This chapter implements 75 Pa.C.S. §§4101-4982, (relating to vehicle characteristics). 175.2. definitions The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:


This question is 2 years old but here are the pertinent State Regulations if anyone ever does a search for the actual answer. The vehicle fails inspection if: (E) Glass is shattered or broken or has exposed sharp edges. (F) The windshield is remov...


(ii) The gear box is loose on the frame. (iii) The energy-absorbing column is defective. (iv) The steering wheel, except if specially designed for handicapped drivers, is not circular or equivalent in strength to original equipment or has an outside diameter less than 13 inches.


Inspection procedure. (a) External inspection. An external inspection shall be performed as follows: (1) Verify ownership, legality and proof of financial responsibility. For the purpose of this subchapter, ownership and legality shall be proven by a vehicle registration card, certificate of title or manufacturer’s statement of origin.


Driving with a cracked or obstructed windshield may be dangerous, and it may also leave you liable to receive an expensive ticket. Be sure to read up on your state’s windshield laws and rules, and if you have any windshield issues that require inspection, make sure to reach out to a reputable mechanic, such as the ones here at YourMechanic.


New York State also has laws against vehicles passing inspection with a cracked windshield. “Your windshield will not pass inspection if it has a crack more than 11 inches long, with any part of the crack in the windshield wiper path, or a ‘star’ crack which is more than three inches in diameter,” according to the New York Governor’s ...


If you have a crack in your vehicle’s windshield the vehicle safety inspection requirements are: The crack cannot obstruct the driver’s vision, meaning it cannot be cracked on the driver’s side of the windshield at all. The crack cannot affect the operation of the windshield wipers.