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While requirements vary by state, to pass a state vehicle inspection, a car must be free of leaks, have working brakes and acceptable car emissions levels. All parts related to safety must be in good working order. Fluids and oils required to keep the car running smoothly must be at the proper level


The average cost of a car inspection in New York State is $21. The actual cost varies depending upon several factors. Heavy vehicles, for one, cost more to inspect. Cost also varies by location.


In states where vehicle safety inspections are required, the vehicle does not need to be inspected in the county where the owner lives. Vehicle inspection laws apply throughout the state; therefore, as long as the vehicle is inspected in the state, the inspection is valid.


To find a state car inspection location in California, search for approved locations on the DMV website. Go to DMV.org, select the State of California and then click on the "Registration and Titling" tab. Once you are in the Registration and Titling tab, select "Smog Check."


As of 2014, Maryland requires a vehicle-safety-inspection certificate to register, sell or transfer most used vehicles. Some counties also require that most vehicles undergo an emission inspection every two years, although a number of vehicle types are exempt from this requirement, such as those wit


A Texas state car inspection involves checking more than 20 areas of the vehicle for safety and functionality. As of 2015, areas that are inspected in passenger cars include the vehicle's horn, brakes, wheel assembly, exhaust system and window tint. The inspector also checks the car's seat belts, mi


Inspection forms are used by home inspectors to note any problems with the structure. Inspection forms often have sections for the home's structure, HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure and plumbing.


Drive-by inspections are a way of quickly assessing the condition of a property. They are a common tool of lenders, insurance companies and out-of-town landlords. The inspector may look for damage to the property, check occupancy or assess other factors that affect the value of the property.


Car safety inspections vary based on the state, but inspectors often look at the car for signs of rust or anything else that could compromise the car's structural integrity. Tires are usually included on the checklist as well to make sure they are not at risk of bursting.


Hawkeye Home Inspections, JRV Home Inspection and B. Sure Home Inspection Company are three regional home inspection companies that serve all or parts of Connecticut. AmeriSpec Inspection Services provides home inspection in several parts of the United States and Canada. These four companies have we