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A direct registration system, or DRS, allows electronic direct registration of securities in an investor's name put on the books for the issuer, allowing for the electronic transfer of shares, according to Nasdaq. Since DRS shares are electronic, they cannot be lost or stolen, which reduces the cost


A registration loan is a type of loan that combines a payday loan and a title loan. These types of loans are available in Arizona and have taken the place of a traditional payday loan. Borrowers must have a vehicle that is registered in their name to be approved.


Civil registration is the process of documenting the notable events in the lives of a society?s citizens, including deaths, births and marriages. Known as vital statistics, these records help governments regulate critical public policies, such as legal citizenship, probate and passport validation.


Online patient registration allows new patients to enter their insurance, medical and personal information online before their appointment to save time and money, according to Sophrona Solutions. One of the biggest advantages of online patient registration when compared to in-person registration is


Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Three Rivers Community College, Norwalk Community College and the University of Notre Dame are four institutions that have online registration in at least some circumstances or for particular programs. Online registration usually takes place on the online portal o


Qualified Pennsylvania residents file a PA-40 tax return to pay their yearly state income taxes, reports Taxhow. Such residents have to use a PA-40 form to file their taxes whether they earned their income in state or out of state. Part-year residents also use the PA-40 form to file taxes owed to th


An entrepreneur can start a small business by preparing a business plan, choosing and registering a business name, getting a tax identification number and applying for a business license or permit. An entrepreneur must open a business account and create an accounting system for his business.


A small business has a better chance of success if the owner creates the business around a particular skill, passion or talent. Create a detailed business plan in writing; the plan can be short or long. Location is crucial to success. A small business location should fit with its brand image and be


The average program to become a physician assistant is between 24 and 27 months from start to completion. There are also part-time programs available that require three years to complete. These programs are designed for students who already have bachelor's degrees.


A car registration calculator is used to determine how much it costs to register a vehicle based on the vehicle's make, model, year and the state. Calculators give motorists an estimate of how much it is likely to cost to register a car, rather than a definite amount.