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The process for renewing a business license can depend on such factors as the issue date of the license and the state where the license is held, but users can often visit their state's government website for the department of finance, revenue or commerce to renew the license online. Having a credit


In most states, you must renew your driver's license either in person or by mail, but some states do provide online renewal as of 2015, according to DMV.org. However, the process for online renewal varies among the states that allow it.


As of 2015, residents of Ontario 80 years of age or older are required to renew their licenses every 2 years, while residents under 80 years of age are required to renew their licenses every 5 years. Residents receive renewal notices via mail at least 90 days before license expiration.


According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, here are four ways to renew a driver's license: online, by phone, by mail and in person. Not all people are eligible for all forms of renewal.


In most areas that require license plate renewal, plates may be renewed online through the state Department of Motor Vehicles website or in person at a DMV office. However, in some areas license plates are renewed at the same time as vehicle registration and a separate renewal is not required.


According to the City of Philadelphia, a marriage license is obtained by completing an application online or in person. Both parties must appear together at a city hall or local marriage bureau to complete the marriage license. Applicants must show current, valid photo identification such as a drive


Some states allow a security guard to renew his license online, while others require him to visit a local office or mail in his renewal information. In California, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services allows a security guard to renew online.


The cost of renewing a driver's license varies by state, renewal term and procedures involved. Renewing a license for an eight-year term costs $47 in the District of Columbia, $32 in Virginia and $28 in Wisconsin, as of 2015.


To check your driver's license, go to the official Department of Motor Vehicles website of your state to see if it offers online checking or if you have to contact the office directly. Avoid any unofficial websites that offer to find out this information for you, as many charge a fee for information


Driver's license points are numbers assigned to traffic offenses and are accumulated to help the state Department of Motor Vehicles determine if a driver should have driving privileges suspended. Driver's license points may remain on driving records for up to 10 years before dropping off.