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Medical Types of oxygen nasal cannula quality products : The Nasal Oxygen Cannula is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels,It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen.


Nasal cannulas and face masks are used to deliver oxygen to people who don't otherwise get enough of it. They are commonly used to provide relief to people with respiratory disorders. A nasal ...


Types of oxygen nasal cannula include flared or straight cannula prongs. Usually, nasal cannulas are used to supply low levels of oxygen to the patient, but in some cases, high levels of oxygen might also be supplied through the flexible tube structure. Benefits of Nasal Cannula. These oxygen cannula are used for the treatment of patients who ...


A Nasal Cannula Can Help You Get the Oxygen You Need. With a nasal cannula and an oxygen delivery source like The Inogen One, you can regain your independence, enjoy more freedom and continue to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. Receive the oxygen therapy you need in a variety of settings, without the intrusiveness of wearing an oxygen mask.


This 5-pack of nasal oxygen cannulas delivers oxygen to patients and was designed with patient comfort in mind. Salter 16SOFT cannulas feature soft, curved prongs for a good fit. Soft tubing relieves the pressure and irritation on the face and ears found with conventional cannulas.


Types of Nasal Cannulas . Different types of oxygen cannulas are categorized on the basis of prong shapes. Prongs are small tube openings inserted into the nostrils. 1. Curved Prong Cannula . They are curved in the shape and fit perfectly into the nostrils. They are designed keeping in mind anatomy of the nose.


Six Tips for Selecting the Right Cannula Not all oxygen nasal cannulas are alike By Chris Slosar, CEO at Sunset Healthcare Solutions. For your patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), where long-term oxygen therapy is required, a nasal cannula is used to administer oxygen flow.


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Nasal Cannulas are the most popular option for delivering supplemental oxygen to people who find it difficult to breath in enough oxygen on their own, either on a temporary or long term basis. A variety of cannula lengths and styles are available with features like straight prongs, flared or tilted prongs, micro prongs, and tapered prongs.