The Oxbow Quadrangle is located along the Idaho-Oregon border in the Payette National Forest. The Oxbow Quadrangle is the formal name of a 7.5-minute series topographic map of the region. In the movie "Last of the Dogmen... More »

One of the major rivers in Washington state is the Columbia River, which begins in Canada and snakes down through the entire state, creating much of Washington’s natural border with Oregon before flowing out to the Pacif... More » Geography United States The West

Mount Shasta is located 40 miles south of the Oregon-California border and halfway between the state's border with Nevada and the Pacific Ocean. With a peak of 9,822 feet, Mount Shasta is fifth highest mountain in Califo... More » Geography United States The West

An oxbow lake forms when a curve, or meander, in a river pinches shut. The river follows a new, shorter course and a lake forms beside the river. More »

The Eiffel Tower stands on an oxbow beside the River Seine in Paris, France. The reason for its placement was due to it being the centerpiece of the 1889 World's Fair, which took place in the same region. More »

The first known inhabitants of Oregon were Paleo-Indians, with the first found settlement dating to about 13,200 years ago, although archaeologists believe that humans lived in the area 15,000 years ago. The first known ... More »

The tribal groups of the Pacific Northwest occupied areas as far south as California, east to the Rocky Mountains, north to Alaska, and west to the Pacific Ocean. There were dozens of different individual tribal groups, ... More »