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Spider monkeys are Central and South American rain forest primates. Some spider monkeys are imported to and/or bred in the U.S. by medical research labs and zoos. Some individuals even keep spider monkeys as pets. However, in the U.S., laws exist that prohibit or regulate owning a spider monkey and many organizations ...


Some of them kill the Spider Monkey with poison and others suffocate them. In many areas the Jaguar is a prime predator of the Spider Monkey. They are amazing hunters and they are able to sneak up on them. They can also quickly climb into the trees without any problems. The biggest problem for these Monkeys though are humans.


It is illegal to own many types of monkeys in the state of Ohio.Some restricted monkeys are howler monkeys, spider monkeys, woollymonkeys, titi monkeys and night monkeys. share with friends Share to:


You can ask for the list of prohibited species and see if all primates are banned, just apes, or none at all. ZONING LAWS, such as commercial or residential classification, may also put a hamper on your ability to own a monkey. Although a certain city may not ban monkeys as a whole, they may regulate where in the city you can house them.


Spider monkeys are New World monkeys belonging to the genus Ateles, part of the subfamily Atelinae, family Atelidae.Like other atelines, they are found in tropical forests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico to Brazil.The genus contains seven species, all of which are under threat; the black-headed spider monkey and brown spider monkey are critically endangered.


Owning a spider monkey is a gigantic responsibility and is often considered more difficult than raising a human baby. Spider monkeys have emotional, psychological, and physical needs that humans simply struggle to satisfy. We do not recommend pet spider monkeys. Let them stay free and live in the wild and roam at will.


Disadvantages of Owning a Pet Spider Monkey Spider monkeys are one of the more popular wild animals that people want to acquire for household pets. They are also one of the more difficult for two reasons.


What are the risks in owning a monkey as a pet? Answered by: Cale, An Expert in the Exotic Pets - General Category . In order to understand the risks of owning a monkey as a pet, you have to first understand a monkey's needs. Monkeys are primates just like humans, and so they require a lot of social interaction. ...


Spider monkeys are kept as pets throughout the world. They are very popular as pets because of their looks. But they are a pet that is costly to care for. The large housing, toys, food, veterinary care and permit costs if required in your area. Caging & Housing a Spider Monkey.


IS A MONKEY A GOOD PET FOR YOU Hello everyone my name is Michael Poggi and welcome to Poggi's Animal House! We are an animal sanctuary here in Florida and we rehabilitate many animals.