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To find overseas contract jobs, use the services of a legitimate contract job search agency with connections to overseas employers. Before accepting an overseas contract job, candidates must obtain a work visa, arrange for transport and housing accommodations, and gain a firm understanding of the te


OverseasJobs.com, GoAbroad.com and State.gov all list overseas jobs as of 2015. Each offers a search feature that allows visitors to find jobs based on keywords and locations, and State.gov, which is the U.S. Department of State’s official website, offers links to other international jobs boards.


Find overseas security jobs on standard job search websites, such as Monster.com and Indeed.com. Specialized job search sites, including ClearanceJobs.com and G4S.com, also list overseas security jobs.


Some overseas countries that offer opportunities for teaching include China, Spain and South Korea. As of 2015, these are some of the best job markets for Americans looking to teach English abroad.


Overseas security jobs are available in numerous countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and Syria, as well as other countries with a U.S. military presence. In most cases, the jobs are available through private security contracting firms and not from the countries themselves, as of 2015.


Obtain a job as a government contractor overseas by applying for a qualifying position through sites such as Indeed.com, Aerotek-Government-Services.com, FederalGovernmentJobs.us and ClearanceJobs.com, as of 2015. Each site offers positions that deal with a variety of specialties, ranging from logis


Sources that list overseas construction jobs include Indeed.com, Monster.com, SimplyHired.com and CareersInConstruction.com, as of 2015. The jobs may be with American companies that operate internationally as well as companies seeking workers from other countries, The type and duration of jobs may v


Some overseas jobs for civilians include hospitality and food service, teaching, au pairing, and travel writing. These jobs are all popular choices for Americans seeking employment abroad.


Examples of jobs attainable with little or no experience in the field include debt collection agent, direct sales roles, customer service representative, delivery driver and various secretarial roles. Many food service and retail companies also commonly hire employees with no experience for entry-le


To get a job without any formal work experience, first figure out why you are a good match for the position you want. Write a stunning cover letter, showcase your soft skills and shine at the interview.