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Some jobs that pay well and don't require a college degree include being an elevator installer or repair professional, commercial pilot and police detective. Farming and ranching jobs also don't require a college degree but often have a high salary.


Many factors affect the tax burden of a second job, but an additional $10,000 income annually increases federal income taxes between $1,000 and $3,960, depending on the individual's previous income and tax bracket, according to the 2014 tax rate tables at Bankrate. Other circumstances also affect th


Part-time job options for teenagers include animal shelter work, arts and crafts sales and production, babysitting and car wash attendance. Teenagers should research state child labor laws before applying for jobs.


To find hourly pay rates for different jobs, an option is to check PayScale.com and the Bureau of Labour Statistics. The Bureau of Labour Statistics calculates its data based on the information it receives from employers in the industry sectors in every state.


Jobs that typically pay in cash include those in child care, delivery, lawn care and house sitting. These jobs do not usually include benefits such as health care.


The Bankrate and Payscale websites list jobs such as electrical technician, radiological technician, dental hygienist and funeral service manager as high-paying jobs for people with associate degrees. These positions all have different requirements and offer varying salaries.


Jobs that pay cash in hand include babysitting, dog walking, working construction or mowing lawns. Other jobs include washing cars, doing hair, house cleaning or providing courier services.


As of 2015, the General Schedule base pay scale of federal government employees ranges from $18,161 to $132,122. The federal government uses the GS base pay scale to calculate the salaries for more than 70% of its employees.


High-paying jobs that do not require college degrees include network specialist, loan officer, power plant operator, electric power line installer and gaming manager. However, these jobs require at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.


In 2014, the highest-paying jobs in California were family and general practitioners; the second highest-paying jobs were for judges, magistrate judges and magistrates. Other top-paying jobs include nurse anesthetists, astronomers and general pediatricians.