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Date your Ovation Datez votre Ovation From the official Ovation Web Site THREE DIGIT SERIES. THREE DIGIT SERIES (Number range) YEAR MADE: Comment: 006-319: 1966: Three digits in red ink: 320-999: 1967 (Feb-Nov) ... Ovation & Adamas Colors Chart SIX DIGIT SERIES 1971-Present (Except Adamas) SIX DIGIT SERIES (Number range) YEAR MADE.


Serial Number. The serial number will be a set of numbers and letters separated by dashes. It is typically found inside the body underneath the strings. But sometimes they put it on the back of the neck. For some Ovation guitars, only the first few numbers of the serial will tell you the date.


OFC Members Serial Number List. BALLADEER SERIES: ADAMAS GUITARS: COLLECTORS SERIES ... [Click HERE for a chart of original serial number assignments] SERIAL NO. OFC MEMBER : MODEL: DESCRIPTION [more info & photos] 35: ... Adamas Ovation Prototype : WTSL -4 (Wood Top Super Legend) 1537 Prototype : CocoLTD:


Where Do You Find Serial Numbers for Ovation Guitars? ovation serial number chart ovation serial number decoder ovation celebrity guitar serial numbers ovation guitars serial number research value of an ovation guitar applause serial number search ovation model numbers


Ovation and Adamas guitars resources. Discover the new Adamas Strings with this beautiful document . All the specifications of the different models are here !!

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82398, and an LB70 bass built in 1998 has a serial number of 63094. The following chart of serial numbers contains several overlaps in num-bers. The numbers recorded represent the lowest and highest numbers found for each year. More possibilities exist. Carvin suggests dating your guitar by certain features rather than the serial number. Refer ...


Your input is welcome and members will be asked to participate in the message board, the items for sale or trade board (restricted to Ovation items only) member's rare and celebrity owned instrument photos, interviews, articles, serial and model number reference, and stories of you and your Ovation.


Ovation serial numbers vary depending on the series. American made Ovation series are easy to date by year made but not usually much additional information. Cheaper foreign made guitars are frequently hard to find information for. Much of the information, make, model no. are on the label. Label's change color depending on the years made and ...


SERIAL NO. OFC MEMBER : MODEL: DESCRIPTION: 001495: briost: 1112 -4: Custom Balladeer : 009770: idlvynl: 1112 -4: Custom Balladeer : 010840: Wes Hamrick: 1112 -4 ...


How to date your OVATION ? (sorry for ze frenchmen, this fichier is complètement en rosbif) (ici by spéciale courtoisie of Bernard Rey (Bernard King), who had recuperated it ailleurs (God knows where) and that I just modified a little, but don't ask me for a translation par exemple... am I clair ? it is déjà pretty that I permit you to find this on the web, because Ovation has enleved it ...