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Some good words of encouragement are those that foster self-respect, confidence and independence for singles. For example, Oprah recommends avoiding romantic partnerships "that won’t let you be yourself," and Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" reports that the most crucial relationship is "the


Good examples of base words include "instruct," "act," "paint" and "call." A base word can have a prefix or suffix added to create a new word. A base word is also known as a root word or a stem.


Some other words for fire include blaze, inferno, heat, flames, sparks and glow. The discovery of fire was one of the first discoveries man made out of necessity.


Examples of words that are related to relaxation include warmth, peace, enjoy, smile and light. Additional words that are considered relaxing are caress, breeze, water and breathe.


A good typing speed for an average person is over 40 words per minute, and a good typing speed for a professional is around 75 WPM. Only about half of the population is able to type over 50 WPM, according to the President of Five Star Staffing, Teresia Ostrach.


Games that involve making words out of other words include anagrams, and the board game of the same name. Other games, such as Scrabble, use letters from words to make other words.


Substitutes for words can be found using a dictionary or thesaurus. Dictionary entries often include cross-references to synonymous or closely related words. Definitions may provide good word substitutes within the description itself.


Other words for compliments when it is used as a noun are commendations, endorsements, acclamations, venerations, accolades, adulations, praises and laurels; when it is used as a verb, other words for compliments are applauds, cajoles, commends, hails, cheers, exalts and extols. These similar words


Some names that rhyme with other words are Brian, James, Dan, Mary and Heather. They rhyme, respectively, with "lion" and "prion," "names" and "games," "fan" and "man," "hairy" and "scary," and "weather" and "feather."


Some good words for birthday wishes include "Warmest wishes and love on your birthday" and "Wishing you a happy birthday and a year that’s blessed." Additional good words for birthday wishes include compliments on the person's positive, personal qualities, congratulations on reaching a certain age,