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The requirement that a valid discharge from service must be other than dishonorable in order to qualify for VA benefits seems rather simple on the surface. In reality, there are a variety of different discharges that are characterized between an honorable discharge and a discharge that uses the word dishonorable.


Democrats want to give some veterans with an other-than-honorable discharge Veterans Affairs benefits. By Alex Ward @AlexWardVox Nov 11, 2019, 4:30pm EST Share this story


A veteran with an other than honorable discharge may be eligible for VA health care and benefits like compensation, pension and vocational rehabilitation if the VA finds that the veteran’s service was honorable for VA purposes. Veterans with other than honorable discharges who are interested in applying for VA benefits have a right to submit ...


“VA’s regulations and policies need reform to make sure any veteran with a less-than-honorable discharge receives fair consideration at the VA,” Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Va., said.


When a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman is discharged from the military, the service is characterized as honorable, general under honorable conditions, other-than-honorable, bad ...


“Cases involving other than honorable discharges will usually require further development by VA. This is necessary to determine if the service was under other than dishonorable conditions.” Simply put, the VA needs to determine that the borrower does NOT have a Dishonorable discharge.


Your eligibility for most VA benefits is based on discharge from active military service under other than dishonorable conditions. Active service means full-time service as a member of the Army ...


Veterans may not be eligible for certain veterans benefits under a General Discharge, including the GI Bill. Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge. The most severe type of military administrative discharge is the Other Than Honorable Conditions.


Undesirable, bad conduct, and any other type of discharge other than honorable may or may not qualify the individual for veterans benefits, depending upon a determination made by a VA Regional Office. Cases presenting multiple discharges of varying character are also referred for adjudication to a VA Regional Office.


A discharge (1) by acceptance of an other than honorable discharge to avoid court-martial (2) for mutiny or spying, (3) for a felony offense involving ... veterans benefits. 38 CFR 3.12. A ...