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Veterans who served in active military service are eligible for Veterans Affairs benefits and services. They qualify as long as they were separated from the military under conditions other than dishonorable.


VA benefit eligibility is determined based on active military service. In most cases, an individual that had active military service and separated under a condition other than dishonorable can qualify for VA benefits provided the veteran served for a minimum of 24 consecutive months.


VA disability benefits are determined by an evaluation of how disabled a veteran is. The VA rates disability levels on a scale of zero percent disabled to 100 percent disabled, using increments of 10 percent. Veterans that have multiple disabilities can be rated using the Combined Ratings Table.


The eligibility requirements for Veterans' Administration, or VA, benefits include having prior service in the armed forces and receiving a non-dishonorable discharge or release, states the VA. Current and prior members of the Reserves or National Guard are also eligible for benefits if called to ac


Veterans who wish to change their direct deposits for Veterans Affairs benefits may do so online, by phone, by mail or in person at a local VA office. As of March 2013, the VA stopped sending paper checks and required veterans to switch to electronic payments instead.


The benefits provided by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs include free hearing aids for eligible veterans, states the VA. This medical assistance is part of the VA's rehabilitation and prosthetic services program.


To be eligible for home loans, current active duty personnel, veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard must have sufficient credit and income, have other than dishonorable discharges, and meet the minimum service requirements, reports the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Under cert


To obtain a replacement copy of an honor discharge certificate, or a form DD-214, fill out Standard Form 180 and send it to the National Personnel Records Center along with a letter of request. An alternative option is to visit the eVetsrec website and follow all instructions carefully.


Use a Veterans Administration benefits eligibility chart by finding your service status, service period, the dates associated with that period and the minimum amount of active duty service necessary for benefit eligibility. Eligibility charts are only necessary for certain supplemental VA benefits,


The spouses of deceased veterans may qualify to receive the Survivors Pension benefit, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says. Apply for the benefit directly through the Department. Certain qualifying criteria apply.