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Ornamental cabbage and kale look and grow very much like their close relatives of edible cabbages and kale. Although you could eat them, they have been bred for looks, not flavor. Their leaves have been hybridized to feature purple, rosy, and creamy white colors, making them look more like large flowers than vegetables.


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Frankly I like this creation a whole lot more than I liked the ornamental cabbage outdoors. It has way more impact, is far more unexpected and for $20 is much more impressive than a vase of roses or yet another orchid in the middle of my dining room table. Steps to using Ornamental Cabbage as Cut Flowers. Pick out some cabbages. Go big or go home.


This is an ornamental plant; although the leaves can be eaten, they’re really only good for garnish or as a base for such dishes as chicken salad or hors d’ oeuvres. Once night temperatures stay at or below 50 degrees, count on flowering cabbage to brighten your vegetable garden, flower bed, or container after about two to four weeks.


Ornamental Cabbage and kale should be planted in a sunny location in a moderately moist, rich soil. Growing Kale and Ornamental Cabbage from Seed. Kale seeds require light for germination, so DO NOT COVER THEM with soil. It is best to sow Kale seeds directly into the garden, where they are to grow. The exact timing for sowing and planting will ...


Choosing Ornamental Plants for Fall Color Michael Nolan. Tweet; This is the perfect time of year to fill your landscape with a rainbow of ornamental plants in your favorite fall colors. No matter where you live, and whatever your taste or personal style, there are tried-and-true options and brilliant color to choose from. ... Ornamental Cabbage ...


Flowering cabbage and kale are made for containers. Plant alongside heuchera, pansies, fiery ornamental peppers and cordyline for fall. 4. They love chilly weather. The beautiful blues, purples, greens and whites of flowering kale and cabbage will anchor your garden once nighttime temperatures dip into the 50s.


Instantly transforms the look of your garden by adding this easy-care ornamental grass. More + Product Details Close. 3 in. Pot Beni Kaze Japanese Forest Grass Hakonechloa, Live Potted. Beni Kaze Japanese forest Grass has slender bright Beni Kaze Japanese forest Grass has slender bright green softly flowing leaves that form a gently mounded ...