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Just like their edible cousins, ornamental cabbage and kale are cool-season annuals. Ornamental cabbage and kale look especially good in a large planting or as edging plants, where their purplish hues blend in well with other fall colors. Or, use them to replace warm-weather annuals in your containers over the winter.


A great season extender, ornamental kale (also known as flowering kale) provides outstanding color under cooler temperatures, which they prefer. Specific varieties have also been bred for bedding or restaurant use while others are for cut flower production.


Ornamental cabbage and kale seeds require light for germination, so seeds should not be covered with soil. When purchasing ornamental cabbage or kale transplants, look for large, compact plants that are nearly or fully colored. Plants will generally not get much bigger after they are planted in the garden, particularly if the roots are pot ...


Although Kale and Ornamental Cabbage seeds can be sown indoors at any time of the year, without cool temperatures the plants won't attain much color. For starting seeds indoors, I recommend that they be sown directly into a large 6-8 inch pot, to avoid the problems associated with transplanting.


Ornamental kale plants (Brassica oleracea) and their cousin, the ornamental cabbage, were developed for their spectacular colors and are not edible. Although they are sometimes called flowering kale, the plants rarely put out real flowers. The color is all in their extravagantly ruffled and ...


These cold hardy annuals easily establish from Ornamental Kale seeds, and as the rest of the flowers in the garden are dying down, Brassica Kale is just getting started! It takes the cool weather for Ornamental Kale to start showing their true colors. Light and moderate frosts will intensify the beautiful coloring of Ornamental Kale Brassica ...


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Also known as flowering cabbage and flowering kale, ornamental kale varieties are bred with an emphasis on unique forms and colors rather than flavor. Ornamental kales produce long-lasting rosettes of wavy-to-frilly leaves in colors not commonly seen in their more edible counterparts — though ...


Flowering cabbage and kale are made for containers. Plant alongside heuchera, pansies, fiery ornamental peppers and cordyline for fall. 4. They love chilly weather. The beautiful blues, purples, greens and whites of flowering kale and cabbage will anchor your garden once nighttime temperatures dip into the 50s.


Flowering Cabbage and Kale Seed Jung's Special Cabbage and Kale item #05711Buy Me! Exciting combos The ideal annuals for late summer garden color. These Cabbage-like plants grow 8-12 inches or more across with frilled, waved, and lacy leaves that take on vibrant shades of red, pink, and white as cool weather sets in. The colorful display lasts until November and even through winter in milder ....