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Find a hip-hop dance school by searching on local business directory and review sites such as Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com or FourSquare.com. Students can also look for nearby dance instructors on sites such as TakeLessons.com.


Some websites that feature hip hop tattoos include Hip Hop My Way and Hot New Hip Hop. Hip Hop My Way focuses on famous rappers and their iconic tattoos, while Hip Hop My Way focuses on the influence of gang culture on modern hip hop tattoos.


Hip hop jewelry is a style of fashion accessorizing that is often associated with hip hop pop culture. The hip hop fashion trend that came about with the rise of rap music in the 1980s saw popular artists wear big and bold metallic hip hop jewelry.


Videos found on the website World Star Hip Hop include informational, humorous, caught-on-tape and music videos. The website, created in 2005, is a content video forum where users can post, share on social media, view and comment on videos. The content of the videos are unlimited in subject matter.


Hip-hop tattoos are those that celebrate aspects of the hip-hop lifestyle or are similar to the tattoos of hip-hop and rap artists. Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Tupac Shakur are a few hip-hop artists known for their prominent tattoos.


Libraries, music, and humanities departments within colleges and universities provide resources for finding information on hip hop culture. Cornell University, the University of Houston, Columbia College and Bowling Green State University all have hip hop collections and information about additional


Hip Hop dance classes benefit kids by building self-confidence and increasing flexibility. Building self-continence is done by often having the kids participate in performances in front of an audience. The knowledge of learning new dance moves in class might also allow kids to gain confidence. Hip H


Hip hop culture fashion trends change frequently, but emphasis on extra baggy clothes, loose jeans and highly stylized jewelry, called "bling," has always been a central part of the fashion. Numerous artists in the hip hop genre have popularized a variety of specific clothing brands as well, such as


Rap music can be made for free by composing the lyrics and programming a beat. To create a hip hop beat, download one of the free digital audio workstations, or DAWs. Audacity, Ardour and Reaper are all free, popular DAWs.


As of 2015, WorldStarHipHop.com shows some of its best fights on the “Fight Comp of the Week” videos. These videos are compilations of several fights featured in one video. To find the videos, users can type “Fight Comp of the Week” into the search bar on top of the webpage. Some of the fight videos