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Many artists price their art relative to the expenses that go into the art. These expenses include materials, time and labor, commissions levied by the art gallery selling the work, and miscellaneous other costs.


It is possible to have artwork appraised online by sending photos and details about an artwork to an online appraisal service such as Appraise-Art.com, Heffel.com or Auctionata.com. Provide as much detail as possible about an artwork to ensure an accurate appraisal.


Examples of places to sell art include online sources such as Etsy, FineArtAmerica.com and ArtFire.com. Other online resources for selling art are ArtPal and Artplode.


Robert Kline, Howard David Johnson and Christina P. Wyatt sell mermaid prints online. Some of the most popular mermaid works for sale on Fine Art America are by Mo T, Jane Small, Marco Busoni, Karon Melillo DeVega, Debbie Chamberlin, Steve Roberts and Rebecca Glaze.


Some tips on properly hanging artwork include spacing multiple pictures 2 inches apart and an individual picture 60 inches from the ground, using two weight-appropriate hooks for stability and levelness, utilizing a level and ruler for proper placement and planning the ...


Artwork appraisal is available through Appraisers.org and ValueMyStuff.com, as of 2015. Appraisers.org offers a tool to find nearby appraisers, while ValueMyStuff.com offers online appraisals. Alternatively, search for an artwork on ArtValue.com to see selling prices fo...


Sun-face artwork features a circular image of the sun designed to resemble a human face with rays of light extending out from it. Sun-face artwork is seen throughout history, and many cultures used it to express deference to or worship of the sun.