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Rat repellent for the attic - as discussed above, none that work, other than blocking entry, and trapping and removing rats. Rat repellent for the basement - same thing. No such thing as an effective detterrent for rodents in the cellar. Rat repellent for the car - if rats are getting into your car, it's best to try to keep the area free of ...


Repel unwanted rodents naturally with Weiser Organic Mouse and Rat repellent. Just sprinkle granules anywhere mice and other rodent pests enter your house, barn, shed, crawl space, garage, attic, storage area. 22 oz. covers 3,500 ft. or 700 lin. ft.


Myth busting natural mice repellents Have you ever been tormented by a group of rats and mice mocking your DIY attempts to rid them from your home? There are many myths surrounding which DIY mouse control techniques work the best to help evict your unwanted house guest.


Shake-Away is really effective, natural and easy-to-use rat repellent. Those who don’t want to deal with dead rats in walls or in attics can use Shake-Away rat repellent with special non-toxic formula that safely repel rats. This 100% organic product uses predator scent in the form of the urine granules.


Natural Mouse Repellents. If you're looking for a mouse repellent, natural or store-bought, I must inform you that absolutely none of them work, whatsoever. Go ahead and try them if you wish, but you'll just end up having to do the real work that it takes to solve a rat problem permanently - sealing off their entry points. ...


No one likes to find mouse or rat droppings in their home. If you’re looking for natural rodent repellents, alternatives to the toxic sprays and poisons on the conventional pest control market, then you’ll appreciate these tips and tricks for making your home naturally rat and mice free.


The natural mouse repellent getting rave reviews online, Fresh Cab, is not sold or delivered to Canada and I couldn’t find anything similar in this country. So I researched the Fresh Cab ingredients and made my own Mouse Repellent Pouches. I made about 30 pouches for my 1000 sq ft house.


Homemade Mouse Repellents & Baits: {DIY Recipes & Tips} 66 Comments Print Email If you’ve spotted mice or their droppings inside and around your home, you’ll need to get rid of them asap before they multiply and do damage to your house.


Natural Mouse Repellents that Work. SHARE Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Mail. by greenwrite . December 20, 2013. The dog's dish was empty this morning. It was full of kibble when she followed me to bed last night. It's a sure sign that our "favorite" winter visitors found a new way in and had themselves a little party while we slept.


Use a commercial, organic deterrent. Many companies that specialize in organic garden and home products make mice repellents that are better for the environment than traditional poisons. Many of these products use natural ingredients, such as peppermint, that are known to be disagreeable to mice.