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Due to its scenery, wildlife, and history, the Oregon Coast is a popular travel destination. Hiking, sport fishing, cycling, kite flying, scuba diving, surfing, sandboarding, and boating are common activities for visitors to the region. Historic areas, such as Fort Clatsop, Battle Rock, and Oregon's lighthouses are all popular sites for visitors.


The gallery’s timeline begins with the completion of the Salmon River and Oregon Coast Highways in the late 1920s and extends through 1965 when many of the small towns incorporated as Lincoln City. The history of each town along what was known as the Twenty Miracle Miles is included in a panel display, along with roadside attractions, early ...


Astoria, Oregon. October 17, 2018 - August 30, 2019 Vet Ink: Tattoos Inspired by Military Service at the Coos History Museum. Coos Bay, Oregon. February 20 - April 24, 2019 Speaker in the Parlor Series. Yachats, Oregon. View All Upcoming Events


Established in 1948 the Lincoln County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that collects and preserves artifacts and information about the central Oregon coast and educates the public through exhibits, a research library, and programs.


Oregon Coast History. Homo Sapiens first arrived on the Oregon coast approximately 400 generations ago, to subsist in the coast's generous waters and forests. They fashioned canoes to paddle along the coastline, estuaries, and rivers, where they pursued salmon, seals, and ducks. They also gathered such seafood as clams.


A photo History of South Tillamook County Oregon Oregon Beach Bill 1967 The original text of the 1967 Oregon Beach Bill that made the entire coast line open to the public. Oregon Donation Land Act In 1850, the U.S. Congress passed the Oregon donation Land Act. Pacific City History History of Pacific City, Oregon.


The history of Oregon, a U.S. state, may be considered in five eras: geologic history, inhabitation by native peoples, early exploration by Europeans (primarily fur traders), settlement by pioneers, and modern development.. The term "Oregon" may refer to: . Oregon Country, a large region explored by Americans and the British (and generally known to Canadians as the Columbia District);


Oregon lays claim to the most beautiful ocean coastline in the world. Many of these scenes are from the Oregon Coast Highway, which is 425 miles long, took 10 years to build and cost $26 million. The Oregon Coast Highway connects the Columbia River Highway in Astoria with the Redwood Highway, in


The first approach of Europeans to the Pacific Northwest was by sea. During the eighteenth century Spain, Portugal, England and France explored the Pacific Coast looking for natural resources and a Northwest Passage through the continent. As early as 1572 Sir Francis Drake explored the area, naming it New Albion.


The Lincoln County Historical Society A History of Preserving History On April 2, 1948, 26 people met as the first members of the Lincoln County Historical Society. Their first goals included publishing excerpts from Lt. Theodore Talbot's diary of his visit in 1849 to the area and preserving Yaquina Bay Lighthouse for use as a…