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According to Colour Blind Awareness, girls can become colorblind if they inherit the colorblind gene from both their mother and father. It is rare for girls to become colorblind, and more men than women are colorblind around the world.


Women can be colorblind if both of their X chromosomes contain the colorblind gene. It is extremely rare for women to be colorblind, but many women are carriers of the colorblind gene.


Although many people believe that dogs only see in black and white, these animals are actually red-green colorblind. This means that dogs can see yellow and blue, but they cannot see red or green.


About.com suggests that blind spots have an explanation rather than a function. The explanation is that the part of the eye that the optic nerve exits from does not have rods or cones, thus resulting in a blind spot. Scholarpedia states that blind spots are present only in vertebrates because eyes i


The film "The Blind Side" is about a homeless teen who is taken in and eventually adopted by a well-to-do family. The athletically gifted young man earns a football scholarship and is subsequently drafted into the National Football League. The film is based on the true story of Michael Oher.


Windows with blinds inside are windows that have blinds encased between two panes of glass. Advantages of windows with blinds inside include lack of dust and allergen accumulation, easy operation, energy efficiency and increased safety for children and pets.


Cats are color-blind, experiencing a color blindness similar to what some humans have. Most colors are distinguishable, but distinguishing red and green is difficult due to a lack of specific cone photoreceptors in their eyes.


Several species of animals are color blind or see muted colors, including dogs, cats, bulls and sharks. Many fish can see muted colors.


Birds are not color blind. These animals actually have more advanced color vision than human beings. Birds have photo pigments with sensitivities at four or five peak wavelengths, making them either tetrachromats or pentachromats.


Integral doorblinds are built-in blinds set between two panes of glass. The internal blinds can be open or closed and slats tilted with cords or slides on the exterior of the door.