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Why Do Goldfish Change Color or Turn White? Updated on February 23, 2016. ... Red, black, orange, white, yellow and brown goldfish have all been created through selective breeding. Because of the selective breeding process as well as environmental factors, it's not uncommon for a goldfish to change colour. ... Our class goldfish is turning ...


Why do goldfish change color? June 11, ... You may even have noticed your goldfish gradually turning white! Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! ... However, if you notice your fish change color very suddenly, or only in localized areas of their body (small white spots for example) ...


Right now my goldfish is turning white. She was all orange as a baby, and a few months ago she began to turn white. She stopped turning white after about a month, and became half white and half orange. But recently she has been turning all white. Her fins have remained almost all orange, and she is still orange around her mouth.


White goldfish turning orange 51961 - in Pond Fish forum - This has happened to me every time. The first time I bought 8 feeder goldfish and about half were white. Well I noticed they started to...


They come in all sorts of variations, from small to large, orange to spotted. Goldfish are actually a type of carp, so the colors they exhibit are not their natural ones. The yellows, golden, browns, and reds are all found through selective breeding. So imagine that one day you notice your very yellow goldfish is actually turning white!


A few weeks ago, I noticed that my one goldfish, that was always orange with a white face, was turning white one it's sides. When we were on vacation (someone we know gave food to the fishes every day) and we came back, this fish's whole face was white a little bit farther than it's gills. There has never been scales in the tank.


Gold fish do not technically turn white, but lose color pigmentation when not exposed to enough natural sunlight. The cells responsible for maintaining the bright coloring of goldfish respond to light levels.


Why are my goldfish changing colors? – Water Garden & Feature Q & A. Posted on August 7, 2009 by ... An example of a morphological change is when a black goldfish starts to turn orange or a young goldfish loses its black markings as it ages. ... orange/white, orange/black and calicos in the pond, including over a complete cleanout where I saw ...


Answer (1 of 16): As strange as it may sound, goldfish turning from gold or orange to white is quite a common occurrence and it is also nothing really to worry about. Goldfish can change colour at any point in their life span without any warning. You may just simply wake up one morning and your fish will be an entirely different colour to the one it was the night before.


If your goldfish don’t get enough light, they might turn grey or a whitish color. If baby goldfish are not exposed to light, they might never turn gold. In fact, goldfish need about 12 hours of light – artificial or natural – every day. If your goldfish contracts a bacterial or fungal infection, it might change color.