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Orange blossom water, also called orange flower water, can be found in local stores and on Amazon and the websites for World Market and King Arthur Flour as of May 2014. It can also be made at home.


Apple blossom flowers are large and have many leaves. These flowers have five round cherry-pink petals that fade into white over the blossoming season from April to June. The petals of apple blossoms surround numerous sticky stamens that collect pollen at the center. The female ovaries at the bottom


In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom signifies the cycle of life and death. Beyond this, the beautiful pink flower is admired during the spring in Japan and to welcome the New Year.


Cherry blossoms are pink flowers with five petals that bloom in the spring. They're typically drawn in clusters on a branch. The necessary supplies to draw a cherry blossom are a pencil with an eraser, paper and colored pencils. The drawing takes approximately 10 minutes.


Cherry blossoms symbolize the arrival of spring, beauty, the fragility of life, the honor of a lost loved one, love, wisdom and the path of enlightenment. The meaning of cherry blossoms varies throughout western, Japanese, Buddhist and Chinese cultures.


To paint plum blossoms, start by painting a collection of wiry branches and adding soft circles of light pink and red in clumps of five along the branches. Final details of yellow and green dots can be added at the end for dimension. This painting usually takes around two hours to complete and requi


To treat blossom end rot, insert calcium carbonate tablets or anti-acid tablets directly into the soil below the plants or water plants with a liquid fertilizer that is high in calcium. To prevent blossom end rot from occurring in the first place, make sure that the plant gets plenty of calcium and


Some good onion blossom recipes include Pillsbury’s baked onion blossom and the grilled onion blossom from Kraft. Both of these use onions peeled and cut into wedges to help create the illusion of a flower from the remaining inner layers of the onion as it cooks.


Pear trees blossom twice a year, in the summer and in the fall. They blossom best when the fruit tree has full sun and is planted in sandy or loamy soil.


Some edible flower blossoms include borage, chrysanthemums, daylilies, lavender, nasturtiums, pansies, violas, johnny-jump-ups, roses, pinks, squash and scented geraniums, states Oregon Live. Other consumable flowers include angelica, anise hyssop, bachelor's button, arugula, basil and bee balm.