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Step. Determine the type of account you want to open. For instance, a simple checking account with no checking abilities can usually be opened by the minor himself, whereas a full checking account may require an adult to sign for withdraws or guarantee the account against any minor misuse.


Different banks and credit unions have various rules for opening an account for a minor. Many banks and credit unions that allow minors to open checking accounts require a parent, guardian or other adult to add their name to the account and remain on it until the child reaches 18.


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Teaching your child to put away a few coins in her piggy bank is a great start, but opening an online savings account is a great way to keep your child’s money secure. It makes sense that a savings account at a bank is safer than a jar on a bedroom shelf, but be sure to choose an FDIC-member bank.


There are some things to understand about opening bank accounts for minors, and understanding the difference between joint accounts with minors and UGMA /UTMA custodial accounts. Opening a Bank Account with a Minor. There are no federal guidelines regarding checking accounts for minors. States, though, might have their own laws.


Ohio Revised Code and Texas Finance Code allow minors to open checking accounts but the minor is treated like an adult for contract purposes. Banks that do offer minor checking often require parents to be a co-owner of the account and to assume all legal responsibility for the account.


Best teen checking accounts. ... How to open an account: ... For any type of checking account a minor signs up for, parents likely will have to be a joint owner. That gives them the ability to ...


An UTMA custodial savings account helps parents save for their child's future. Learn more about UTMA accounts. ... we will waive the monthly maintenance fee for six months from account opening. ... If your savings account enrolled in Keep the Change ® is converted to a checking account, Keep the Change transfers will continue to be made into ...


For people under the age of 18, opening a bank account is hard. The problem is that you need to sign a contract to open an account, and contracts signed by minors are complicated. As a result, banks aren’t going to open accounts for anybody under 18 unless there’s also an adult on the account.


Minimum opening deposit Open with a $25 initial deposit. Monthly service fee $0. See the common fees for this account (PDF). You can only open a teen checking account in a branch with a parent or guardian. Valid identification is required for all account owners when opening a teen checking account. See valid ID requirements.