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A cup heater coil is a small electric appliance designed for heating water inside a cup or mug. Also called an immersion heater, the device consists of a heating coil that is inserted in the water and a small cord that plugs into a wall outlet.


Heating elements are used in an electric water heater to convert electrical energy into heat and transfer it to the water. Since elements come in direct contact with water, they must be insulated well.


To check the heater coil in a dryer, homeowners should remove the vent, power off the dryer and remove the panels to expose the thermal fuse, thermostat and coils. If the coils are damaged, frayed or show signs of wear, it may be time to replace them.


Electric water heaters have two heating elements, both which are immersed inside the tank. To access these two elements, a person must first remove the two access panels on the front of the tank. Gas water heaters do not have elements but heat with a burner.


An electric water heater element is made of metal and heats up due to electrical resistance in order to warm the water in an electric water heater. Electric water heaters have both an upper and a lower water heater element as opposed to gas water heaters, which use gas burners.


A resistant heater element wire is the component of a resistant heating system that heats when connected to electricity. The amount of resistance generated by the wire influences the intensity of the heat produced.


Water heater elements typically must be replaced if they break. While those with specialty tools and experience with electrical work might be able to fix a broken heating element, the relatively low cost of replacement generally dissuades people from doing so.


To replace a hot water heater's heating element, disconnect the heater, drain the water heater tank, unscrew the old element, and install a new element in the place of the old one. Refilling the heater tank and reconnecting the unit completes this process.


Hot water heater element replacement parts can be purchased online through The Home Depot, Lowe's or ACE Hardware. As of February 2014, The Home Depot website carries over 30 replacement water heater element parts from many common brands, including Rheem, Camco and Eastman.


Quartz heating elements are used in some heaters to produce short wavelength infrared radiation. The use of short wavelength infrared radiation allows for more efficient heating of persons and objects directly in the path of the infrared beam from the heater than long wavelength infrared.