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To open a checking account online, choose a specific bank and visit their company website to follow the outlined steps. According to Regions Bank, some banks allow clients to open a checking account from the privacy of their own homes, as long as they already have certain vital information.


To open a personal checking account online, visit the checking account page on the bank's website, select the option to open an account, and fill out the application, as of 2015. The exact procedure varies depending on the bank, but several banks, such as SunTrust, US Bank and Bank of America, use t


Each banking institution has different requirements for opening a checking account online, especially if that bank operates as an online-only financial institution, such as Ally Bank, or an online and physical institution, such as Citibank. All bank accounts require proof of identity in order to ope


Financial institutions such as Chase and Citibank offer free checking accounts to open online, notes each organization's website. These checking accounts have various minimum deposit requirements.


A person can open a checking account by choosing a bank, meeting a bank representative, giving the necessary information and agreeing to the conditions of the account, according to About.com. It's important to ask a bank official about fee structures and minimum deposits before starting an account.


To close most online checking accounts, send a letter requesting to close the account, as stated by About.com. Certain online banks have an option to close the account online, as seen on Capital One's website. The steps to closing an online bank account vary based on the bank's policies.


Typically, apply for a checking account online by visiting the website for the bank, navigating to the Personal Checking page and clicking the Apply Now button for the account type of your choice. During the online application, provide your Social Security number, driver's licence number, name and a


Apply for an online checking account by visiting the application page of online-only banks such as Ally, Simple or Capital One 360, as of 2015. These sites ask for your name, Social Security number and address to verify information. Some traditional banks also offer online applications for checking


Pay online with a checking account through a payment service such as Paypal or Google Wallet or by using a debit card associated with the account. Some online retailers such as Amazon.com and Sam's Club allow shoppers to enter the routing and account number to pay directly from the account.


Opening a bank account online requires providing the bank with identification, determining the type of account that you want and funding the new account once it has been approved. There are government rules regarding identity verification that govern the opening of all bank accounts, according to Al