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Virtual North and Ontario's Sunset Country offer a free 84-page travel guide and poster-sized fishing map of the lakes in the area. Visitors can request the information by mail on their website form or by phone.


Lake Ontario measures 802 feet at its greatest depth and has an average depth of 283 feet. Its basin holds 393 cubic miles of water.


Free lake depth maps can be found online on different websites. Several websites that offer free lake depth maps are Fishidy and MyTopo.


The best place to find maps of Crown land in Ontario, Canada, is on the Province of Ontario website, www.ontario.ca. The website also contains information on Crown land-use policies in central and northern Ontario.


Ontario is a province in Eastern Canada that is bordered on the west by the province Manitoba and to the east by Quebec. It borders the U.S. state Minnesota. It also borders two Great Lakes Lake Erie and Lake Superior, to the south.


The Texas Wildlife and Parks Department publishes maps of Texas lakes online. In addition, the Texas Water Development Board features maps of lakes and reservoirs on its website, along with information on these bodies of water.


Expert GPS provides users with a variety of downloadable resources based on the 2,171 lakes documented in North Carolina. The Geology.com website also features a variety of maps and resources for the rivers in the state.