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Some of the best translation websites include Google Translate and Linguee, according to Lifehacker. Both sites offer powerful translation tools for a wide range of languages.


The online translating service ImTranslator is the best overall translator between Spanish and English because it provides translations from four of the leading translation services. It provides translations from PROMT, Microsoft, Google and Babylon.


The most effective way to get French translation services is to use the Internet to contact a professional service. There are many online French translation services including ClickForTranslation.com, FreeTranslation.com and Transperfect.com.


SpanishDict, Word Reference, and Google Translate are all useful online tools for translating words into Spanish. SpanishDict translates any English word to Spanish, while Word Reference can translate French and Portuguese as well. Google Translate can translate from many world languages into Spanis


There are many highly reviewed resources for Spanish translation online. These include SpanishDict.com and SpanishDictionary.com, which specialize in Spanish-English translations and in-depth definitions. In addition, Translate.Google.com and WordReference.com offer translation services for Spanish


To translate a Web page into a different language, go to Translate.Google.com, and enter the address of the page you need to translate. Alternatively, add a translator add-on to your browser to translate online content at the click of a button.


Using online translation services and adjusting Web browser settings allows users to translate websites. Most Web browsers offer a translate option near the address bar when visiting a website written in a foreign language. In Google Chrome, this feature is enabled in the settings menu. Google Chrom


A free online Spanish-to-English translation tool can be found at Babylon.com. Babylon is an experienced and well-regarded brand in language translation software. Their free online tool is capable of translating text from both Castilian and Catalan into English.


Several websites, such as Oxford Dictionaries and Babylon, have online tools that can be used to translate Arabic to English. Babylon also offers a premium human translation service for more reliable accuracy.


A few websites that offer translations of single words, whole phrases or sentences from Russian to English are Google Translate, Rustran.com, and Lingvo. Each of these sites provides translations from Russian to English or English to Russian.