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An online credit application form allows a consumer to ask a bank, retailer, credit card company or other entity for funds over the Internet, according to Discover. After examining the information on the application, the lender decides to approve or deny the request.


Many large corporations have job applications available on their websites. Smaller local businesses are less likely to have the online application option due to the time and attention a personal website or social media page may take.


Solder, the outside of cans and cooking utensils, are traditionally made of tin. While tin is still a very common metal in the United States, aluminum is generally used in place of tin because it is less expensive.


Tin is technically considered a magnetic metal. However, the magnetic properties of tin are so weak that it could generally be considered to be non-magnetic.


Users can visit stores such as Etsy.com for a variety of tin mugs. Specialized locations such as BedBathandBeyond.com and WorldMarket.com provide users with a selection of ceramic and tin mugs.


A job application form is a document filled out by job seekers to apply for a position with a specific employer. The application typically asks for basic information about the candidate while also asking questions related to the applicant's interest in the position.


A basic rental application form can be found at Rocket Lawyer's website. This form is free to down load, and can be made to conform to the regulations of the state in which the rental property is located.


There are housing applications available online, although most of these housing applications are from a variety of universities. Aside from this, it is possible to find listings of houses available for sale or rent in your area online with sites like Realtor.com.


States implement the Medicaid program, and they all have different application rules. Most states accept online applications. The Medicaid website offers links to each state's Medicaid office.


It is generally legal to created printed copies of online job application forms. Most sites that make job application forms available mention this as an option and encourage visitors to download and print as many copies as desired.