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Some good online resources for becoming a certified teacher include the department of education website for the person's state, Monster.com's resource center for becoming a teacher and the websites for teacher certification examination vendors. A state's department of e...


Chemistry resources for teachers include the Royal Society of Chemistry site and the California State University site for chemistry. The RSC site has items such as interactive lab primers, the periodic table and an aspirin screen experiment among other modules.


Some resources available for locating former teachers include social media websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, teacher-focused websites such as RateMyTeachers.com and TeacherWeb.com, or individual school websites. Students can also ask their former classmates for cur...


Some educational online resources for kids include Kids.gov, e-learning for kids and the website of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Of these, e-learning for kids is perhaps the most comprehensive, complete with a range of full "courseware," or courses, desi...


To become a licensed science teacher, complete a bachelor's degree program in a science-related discipline and complete a teacher certification program to gain a teaching license. As education systems differ between states, some states may have other qualifications.


Teachers Pay Teachers offers a variety of classroom activities, including homework assignments, games, PowerPoint presentations and bulletin-board decorations. Materials are available for students in preschool through 12th grade, and for every subject, including art, En...


Good resources for helping children to understand science are available at NSTA.org, KidSource.com and Schools.Discovery.Education.com. NSTA.org provides valuable tips for parents attempting to help and support a child who is having difficulty with science.