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Science Buddies is a good resource for middle school science students and other students studying in grades K through 12, as of 2015. Science Buddies provides science project resources and activities for teachers, parents and students.


Students can find reliable science articles to use as project resources at Scitable, a free science library compiled by the Nature Publishing Group. Scitable describes itself as a collaborative learning space for science by the world's leading publisher of science publi...


There are several websites that offer online learning resources for kindergarteners, including JumpStart and ReadWriteThink. Some of the available resources include worksheets, activities and lesson plans for parents and teachers to use.


Students can take practice science exams for AP tests at CollegeBoard.org, for the ACT at ACTStudent.org and for Virginia grade level competency at Jefferson Lab. The appropriate practice science exam depends on the student's age and preparatory needs.


Some educational online resources for kids include Kids.gov, e-learning for kids and the website of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Of these, e-learning for kids is perhaps the most comprehensive, complete with a range of full "courseware," or courses, desi...


Some good science projects for kids are Make Your Own Lightning, Blindfolded Taste Test, Paper Bridge for Pennies, Extracting Onion DNA, The Chemistry of Hair Highlights and Digital Voice Analysis, according to Science Buddies. Teachers can use these projects to teach s...


Good resources for helping children to understand science are available at NSTA.org, KidSource.com and Schools.Discovery.Education.com. NSTA.org provides valuable tips for parents attempting to help and support a child who is having difficulty with science.