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Some fun online quiz games include "The Impossible Quiz" from AddictingGames.com and "Globetrotter XL" from WordGames.com. "The Impossible Quiz" takes the quiz genre and turns it upside down with tricky riddles and brainteasers, while "Globetrotter XL" features a world map that challenges players to


A "who are you?" quiz is an online test that asks you questions about yourself and gives you answers about your personality, your interests, your work style, your compatibility with others, and other aspects about you.


Some of the most popular political quiz websites are ISideWith.com, PoliticalCompass.org, TheAdvocates.org and the Pew Research Center Political Typology Quiz. All of these quizzes help determine where a visitor's personal beliefs fall on the political spectrum.


An AZ quiz is an Accelerated Reader quiz created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The purpose of the Accelerated Reader quiz is to determine students' reading levels, to evaluate whether students have read a particular book and to suggest age-appropriate book titles for students.


Official quiz answers for the Accelerated Reader reading program are available only after a student submits a quiz in the classroom or testing center. While this means that students cannot access quizzes from home, some samples quizzes with answers are available online from the Learning Renaissance


There are a variety of career tests available online depending on age, personality, field, interests and much more. Many websites also feature additional information on the potential careers, such as salaries and descriptions.


Some of the best pregnancy symptom quizzes are from reputable medical expertise websites such as WebMD or Mayo Clinic. WebMD offers an early pregnancy quiz that addresses a woman's knowledge on pregnancy symptoms in order to help her rule out pregnancy. However, it does not claim to provide medical


An online pregnancy quiz determines if a woman may be pregnant based on typical symptoms and signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness and morning sickness, according to BabyMed. The test uses a woman’s answers to questions about her body and symptoms she experiences to determine the likelihood


While there are several different "best friend" quizzes around, the common theme is figuring out how close you and your best friend really are. The quizzes range from serious to silly, and can be found on various websites such as BuzzFeed.com and Seventeen.com.


Websites that provide users with psychology quiz answers include psywww.com and quizlet.com. Students may quiz themselves at psywww.com by clicking on a chapter title. Most of the answers at psywww.com are related to Introductory Psychology.