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In order to create an online document, a browser-based word processor program, such as Google Docs, must be used. To access Google Docs, enter the link docs.google.com into the address bar, and then click on the blue plus sign in the bottom-right corner to create a new document.


A paper editing expert is someone who is highly skilled at correcting academic or professional writing for errors in grammar and usage, sentence structure, word choice, content and style. Editors often revise a draft several times before it is ready for publication.


Google Docs is an application found on the Google website that allows users to type out papers online, for free. Google Docs has several features available that allow for different levels of customization, including headings and paragraph positioning.


The University of Northern Carolina and The University of Minnesota offer online editing guides for writers. Daily Writing Tips and Copyblogger are websites that feature articles on writing subjects, including steps for editing.


Many companies offer editing and correction services for various sorts of papers in English, including Editage.com, EssayEdge.com and PolishedPaper.com. These companies offer quick turnaround time and professional proofreading and editing services at competitive prices.


To choose a professional editing service, consider the editing tasks desired and the level of experience needed from the editor. Some people simply want a proofreader who is adept at basic spelling and grammar, while someone writing a book may need an experienced college-educated editor.


Some online note services to consider are Evernote and Padlet, both of which are used by students, teachers and business professionals. Evernote offers a free and paid service and can be downloaded to any mobile or smart device as well as to any desktop computer for immediate syncing, sharing and up


Many of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Go Math! student books are available in either online or write-in student editions. The series is available in online format for grades kindergarten through eight. The write-in student edition comes with access to a limited amount of digital material, including in


It is possible to edit movies from a video camera for free with programs such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, which are native to the OSX and Windows environments, respectively. It is also possible to upload a video to YouTube and edit it there.


Edit a document through Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. The type of document can determine what kind of editing needs doing. Editing can mean many things, from changing the properties of the file to checking for spelling and grammar errors.