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To create a collage using social media, upload pictures to your Facebook page, open Loupe (a collage application), click Collage, and then click Add Photos. Choose the photos you want in the collage, and click Done. After that, organize the pictures in the shape of your...


One way to create a wall collage is with framed photographs. Once you choose the perfect space, hang the photographs close together in any pattern you choose. Typically, you want to choose similar frames so that the collage has cohesiveness. Hang the pictures carefully,...


Tips for creating a great collage include choosing pictures in which the colors complement each other and building the collage around a theme. Always try to work with different sizes of pictures in a collage, suggests PicBackMan.com.


Some recommended word collage generators include Word It Out, TagCrowd and Wordle. Word It Out allows users to create highly customized word collages with options to select colors, fonts and layouts. TagCrowd and Wordle are simpler applications but also provide options ...


As of 2015, there is an app for iOS called Word Collage that works on both the iPhone and the iPad. WordCam! is an option for Android. Wordsalad is a free alternative app for iOS and Android that creates word clouds.


A heart collage is a group of photographs arranged in the shape of a heart. While there are many ways to create such a virtual collage online, you can also create a physical heart-shaped collage as a gift for a boyfriend.


Depending on the type of frame purchased, extra-large collage photo frames usually hold between eight and 21 photographs. Most extra-large collage photo frames hold 11 to 12 photographs.