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Business Registration ... Botswana Plot 54380, Central Business District Tel. (+267) 3601200 Fax. (+267) 3971539 Email.


The manual registration of businesses is not recognised under the new laws, meaning any company lawfully existing in Botswana must be registered online. “Companies already registered are obliged ...


Scroll down for more information on Company Formation in Botswana. Company Formation in Botswana To register the company, the entrepreneur must submit a completed application form, along with the name reservation certificate and the declaration of compliance of statutory requirements for company registration.


Individuals or companies must obtain a trade licence in order to sell goods and services in Botswana. Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry has decentralised the issuance of all licences to District Councils. ... submit a certified registration certificate.


Register your name in Botswana Botswana, a beautiful country in the south of Africa, completely surrounded by other countries. Due to its mineral wealth (nickel, copper, salt, soda, coal, sulfur and platinum), its three major diamond mines and tourism, Botswana is one of the richest nations of southern Africa.


Establishment and institutionalization of the HLCC in 1996 (Business Botswana called for the establishment of the HLCC from 1988) Privatization Policy for Botswana (Business Botswana initiated the privatization debate) Got Government to agree to the payment of a delayed payment penalty of 1.5% per month to the private sector.


CIPA - Companies and Intellectual Property Authority - Botswana 7 November 2018 · Online Business Registration System Roadshow: Coming soon to a town near you!!


Department of the Registrar of Companies


Botswana has recorded seven (7) new cases of COVID-19. This was reported by the minister of Health and Wellness Dr Lemogang Kwape during the extra ordinary meeting of Parliament on the COVID-19 pandemic. 07 Apr ANNOUNCEMENT: The COVID-19 call centre can now be reached on 16649.


The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) was enacted by an Act of Parliament [Cap 42:08] of 2001. PPADB is a parastatal organisation, operating under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED).