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The OneTouch UltraMini is a gadget that is used to check and monitor blood glucose level easily at home. Its benefits include its convenient size, user friendliness, memory capacity, logbook and easy transfer of data, according to OneTouch.


To check your blood sugar with the OneTouch UltraMini meter, first gather the necessary supplies, explains OneTouch. These supplies include OneTouch Ultra Control solution, the OneTouch lancing device and UltraSoft sterile lancets, OneTouch Ultra Blue test strips, and the UltraMini meter. Next, chec


To set the time on a OneTouch UltraMini meter, turn on the meter, and wait for the hour to start flashing. Push the up or down arrow to set the hour, according to OneTouch. Wait until the minute display starts flashing, and use the arrow keys to set the minute. When the a.m. or p.m. setting starts f


The OneTouch UltraMini glucose meter is reset by using the data cable provided with the unit, notes eHow. Turn off the unit before connecting it to the computer to prevent a software malfunction.


Three of the main differences between the OneTouch Ultra 2 and UltraMini blood glucose meters are size, features and ergonomics. The UltraMini glucose meter's small size makes it easy to carry in the user's pocket or purse, and the model is a more convenient and faster means of checking glucose leve


Test strips for OneTouch are available at pharmacies that have diabetic supplies or online at the official website for OneTouch. OneTouch provides different types of meters, including OneTouch UltraMin and OneTouch Ultra 2. These meters will only work with OneTouch Ultra test strips, according to On


While OneTouch does not offer free test strips as of October 2015, the company does publish periodical offers on its website, such as qualifying for a free meter. However, customers with health insurance plans, such as Medicare Part B, can get test strips for as low as $2.08 for a box of 50 strips,


Residents of Ireland and the United Kingdom can obtain a free OneTouch Ultra 2 meter from the manufacturer, according to LifeScan. U.S. and Canadian residents can obtain a free OneTouch meter simply by filling out a form with their personal information. Instructions about how to obtain the meter are


The owner’s manual for the One Touch Ultra 2 is available for download on the OneTouch website. The website features product information and support for the entire line of OneTouch products.


Although the OneTouch Ultra meter was discontinued in 2012, as detailed by LifeSpan, you can still download the corresponding owner's booklet from OneTouch.com, as of 2015. To replace a OneTouch Ultra manual, print a copy from the meter's product support page.